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The Holidays

With the start of the holiday season I would like to take the time to remind out readers that with the holidays often comes added stress, an increase in depression and other situations that can make us feel Down.

While I could spend your time reading this, and my time writing it, with facts on how we know this is a difficult time for many people. I believe that you already understand how the holidays can be hard for anyone who has lost a job, struggled financially, or are going through the first holiday season after they lost a loved one.

Instead I would rather help you determine what you can do to help that individual or individuals make it through a difficult holiday season.

Firstly, respect their privacy the last thing any of us would want is for a conversation about our lost job, financial difficulties, or the missing person in the middle of the holiday meal sitting around the table with our family. You can offer your support by choosing an opportune time to speak to them in private. This gives them the opportunity to respond to your support without making this a family dinner table discussion.

Secondly, if you are going to discuss a difficult topic with someone be non-judgmental in your approach. This means that now is not the time to comment on the reasons why they lost their job, how their lack of a budget lead to the financial problems, or how the individual was a horrible person. The hurting individual needs your support not your advice. Tell them that you are sorry for the events in their lives and that you are there to listen if they want to talk.

Now with having just told you not to offer advice I feel that I should also state that there are some events that should require your immediate action. This include talk of killing themselves, talk of killing someone else, and talk of hurting themselves of someone else. If your loved one does talk about hurting themselves or someone else recommend that the seek help with a professional, if they are talking of killing themselves or someone else then call 911 and let the dispatcher know why you are calling then follow their prompts.

Lastly it is not your responsibility to fix their problems but to be there as a supportive  family member or friend, there are plenty of professional organizations that can help here in New Hampshire.

Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-8255

Mobile Crisis Response Team (Nashua) 603-816-0101


Mobile Crisis Response Team (Manchester) 1-800-688-3544


Mobile Crisis Response Team (Concord) 1-844-7-HELP4U (1-844-743-5748)


Community Mental Health Centers

Northern Human Services (603) 447-3347

West Central Behavioral Health (603) 448-0126 x2102

The Lakes Region Mental Health Center, Inc. (603) 524-1100

Riverbend Community Mental Health, Inc. (603) 226-7505

Monadnock Family Services (603) 357-4400

Greater Nashua Mental Health Center at Community Council (603) 889-6147

The Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (603) 668-4111

Seacoast Mental Health Center, Inc. (603) 431-6703

Community Partners of Strafford County (603) 516-9300

CLM Center for Life Management (603) 434-1577

Individual Counselors in your local area like the Lodge Counseling