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Communicating Emotions with the Men in Your Life.

Men and women communicate differently, this is not a new subject, this topic has been written about by John Grey in his book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, to articles in the Huffington Post, Psychology Today, and the website PsychCentral. I think I bears repeating here, men and women have very different verbal communication styles and uses for communication. Men will typically be very focused on how efficiently they can get the message across, women see the conversation as a way to explore ideas and clarify what each other is trying to communicate.  


We have discussed previously how men struggle to identify feelings. Communicating them can be very difficult for men to communicate, they first have to identify what emotions they are feeling, then put them into words. Many men find it difficult to identify emotions let alone what they are feeling in a given situation. The difficulty in identifying their emotions makes it very difficult for them to communicate those feelings.


Take the example of the loss of a loved one, for some people the loss of a loved one may generate feelings of sadness, happiness, and even anger, some men may not be able to identify what they are feeling other than “I am fine” or “I am feeling overwhelmed” while both of these answers might be true to him they are not the whole story.  


We here at The Lodge Counseling will work with you and your loved ones to help these men first be able to identify emotions, then identify what emotions they are feeling in a situation, finally we will help them develop the language to communicate what they are feeling.