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Therapy For The Modern Man


Making therapy relevant

In the U.S, more than 30% of men have experienced a major depressive episode in their life, and 100% of those men were expected to "man-up" and shove their feelings deep inside. Men don't talk about feelings with their friends. They don't share with their family. Men are the victims of problematic thinking that says mental health disorders are unmanly signs of weakness. Having noticed a lack of male counselors who understand the social, familial, and professional pressures facing modern men, The Lodge Counseling was established as a place of camaraderie and brotherhood. We seek to create the feeling of strength that comes from spending time in the woods with your friends at The Lodge. 

Steve Pierog, M.A., LCMHC and Andrew Lapin, M.S.,M.A.,LCMHC have unique professional and clinical backgrounds; however, they maintain a common vision to provide competent, modern, and effective services to men and adolescents looking to get more out of life. Steve and Andrew have both started businesses, experienced the challenges of complicated families, and understand that the last question anyone wants to hear is "how does that make you feel?"

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155 Main Dunstable Rd. Ste.225

Nashua, NH


Steve Pierog, MA, LCMHC

(978) 308-2853

Andrew Lapin, M.S.,M.A.,LCMHC

(617) 356-7787


Areas of Practice

Individual Therapy

For a man to seek therapy, there is a good chance that someone in his life is a driving force encouraging him. If this describes you, welcome! You, like so many men before you, are most likely dreading the very thought of talking to a random stranger. We can't promise to have had similar experiences, but we do promise not be patronizing therapists who just nods and spout off psycho-babble. We are committed to an authentic experience where you truly can say whatever needs to be said, and maybe improve the relationship with that person encouraging therapy.

Who are our clients

In a word- Men. We work with adolescent and adults who want to work with someone who knows how to effectively counsel on an array of issues facing men today. We do not define masculinity or manhood, that's up to you- and we think the definition you have is a great one. 


You're busy, we get it. If meeting us in an office isn't your thing, no worries. We offer tele-therapy via webcam and/or phone, now you can do therapy on your terms no matter where you live. 

We welcome clients from around the globe.

Clinical Focus- Steve Pierog

Steve has extensive experience supporting and treating an array of mental health disorders. He is also especially adept at treating trauma through cutting-edge Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). EMDR is a therapeutic technique to help people change their relationship to traumatic events or other difficult memories. Additionally, Steve is skilled in supporting clients through substance use recovery.

In-Office Therapy

Are you a fan of privacy? Good, we are too! Our office is located in Nashua, NH inside an office building, not a structure with the word "therapy" in bright letters. We are committed to creating an experience that is as low-pressure as possible. Coming to our office will feel a lot like any other office environment, not a new age therapist. 

Clinical Focus- Andrew Lapin

Andrew primarily works with adolescents and young adults navigating those years of life wrought with transition and constant change. He has special training in experiential therapy, which invites clients to do and act and not just talk. Andrew also has expertise in treating mood disorders, anxiety and compulsive disorders, as well as eating disorders. 


We must all obey the great law of change. It is the most powerful law of nature.
— Edmund Burke


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